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I’m Still Here

I’ve loved the song I’m Still Here from the Treasure Planet soundtrack ever since I was a kid. It still has influence over my life to this day as one of the most powerful songs that have ever influenced me.

Long Time No See!

Hey everybody! Long time no see, I know. I’ve been busy working on Meeting Her Dad while working, while schooling, while playing video games, while procrastinating, while writing, while-you get my point.

For now, I will sync this up with my Twitter (if I can remember how) and you’ll hear from me that way…until I forget to Tweet. lol

I’m just more active on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram now. Huh, lol.


If it’s a dream you want, it’s a dream you’ll get. Make it real.

Have a free teaser. ;)

Relient K still inspire me to this day. :)

The first single from Meeting Her Dad. Coming Soon. ;)

The first single from Meeting Her Dad. Coming Soon. ;)

Say You’re Okay

Say You’re Okay will be the first single from Meeting Her Dad! Release details will be coming soon. :)

This is the lyric video to my final song in Series of Secrets, Pressure. From now on, unless I ever do something like this in the future, I’ll be going back to my normal posting schedule. :)